February 29, 2012

the first day of spring. my r. took me for a walk to a riverbank. the sky looked so beautiful over our city.

And then the night came in. The moon was silvery and lighten your tame face.

February 22, 2012

short announcement of my film.

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A fairy tale about a little, oversensitive girl, who finds herself locked in a room by her father. Detached from reality she starts to fantasize about what is forbidden, growing up far away from real world. She is particulary interested in birds - studying their anatomy and life. Through a window in her room she watches their seasonal wandering when it turnes out that birds choose her room to drift off safely to winter sleep.  

February 18, 2012


Yesterday something amazing happened to me. It was like a dream - dream, which unchained me from sadness, which took me for last few days. 
I have so many images in my mind which I'd like to share with you. There will be many photos soon.