July 03, 2013

Will you send me even a small lock of your hair?

I thought: there is a box, many boxes painted in gold. My room at the attic, weak light. Will you send me even a small lock of your hair? I will tie it with a thin thread or creamy ribbon. Will you let me to lock it here, inside my world? Your name. Once, some woman gave me out of love a lock of her ginger hair. Her name was Justyna. Have I told you about her?


  1. Dear Laura
    This is such an intimate project, I admire you a lot for doing it.
    It is personal, engaging, femining, and empowering. You are telling women: you have the right to do what you want with your bodies (hair), you have the right to transform your body into a work of art.
    I did something similar: I was asking all my models (people who posed for my photographs) to write a poem for me. some were not gifted poets, so they were writing only a personal phrase, others were doing just a drawing, but the answers I got were amazing.
    One of the most beautiful poem was written by a girl called Asha Ryder, a nature creature.

    This poem is:

    "Dressed in the tatters of her latest mistake
    she will tiptoe into your life like a passing thought.
    She will offer some token of herself while collecting the emotions which tumble careless from your lips
    to nourish the leanness of her soul.

    She long ago traded everything constant
    for a frantic ceaselessness
    and a freedom born of detachment.
    Now her flesh is made of smoke and shadows
    that pass over your senses, but cannot be held;
    for weightless as she is,
    a passing breeze might carry her away.

    So though you stand before her
    naked as a smile,
    anchored to the earth with promises,
    you are not suprised to find that she has shrugged off the hopes
    draped so carefully around her shoulders
    and tiptoed out of your life,
    for she was never yours, but only her own."

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  3. laura, where can i send you a lock of my hair ?

    1. could you wirte to my mail? laura.makabresku@gmail.com
      I will send you there my adress.